Book Of Positive Aspects

Recording a book of positive aspects is a suggestion by Abraham Hicks I have really benefitted from. The power of working with your thoughts to actively, deliberately, create positivity cannot be underestimated. I believe all mental illnesses can be cured by refocusing our thoughts in positive ways. Its not always an easy task on specific subjects and when its not easy, thats clearly where the work needs to be done.

I have been listening to Abraham-Hicks for about 4 years now. Initially I struggled much more than I do now with my own personal mental health issues. So out of all of the exercises and practices Abraham-Hicks provides, the book of positive aspects has been the most helpful for me personally. Abraham-Hicks suggests picking a specific topic and writing all of the positive aspects of that subject. It is difficult in topics where you feel a lot of negativity, easier with things you already love.  What you will find, however, is that you can improve your mood, even if it takes a little work on some more difficult subjects.

I have been doing this rather inconsistently for the last 4 years and much more consistently in the last year. I recently vowed to complete the exercise daily. What I have really enjoyed doing is allowing myself to flow I love and I appreciate and i'm excited statements on any subject matter. I found it helpful initially to do it on specific topics, but now I really do enjoy picking anything up that makes me feel good and typing it out. So my book of positive aspects are my recordings of what I write and feel that puts me in a good mood about my life.

Book of Positive Aspects

Book of Positive Aspects June 2017

My book of positive aspects June 2017, where you'll find some of the positive things I was able to find and really feel into about my life during the month.

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