Law of Attraction Journal

Interpret signs and symbols for yourself.

Manifesting a Partner

Manifesting a partner is pretty simple if you start with a list and make the time to visualize.

The Number 44

The Number 44 - my experience with it, and what it means to me now.

Book Of Positive Aspects

My Book of Positive Aspects highlights my day to day feelings and my personal positive aspects about life.

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LOA Evidence in the Small Things

I find LOA evidence in the small things in life all the time! I got some examples for ya.

Harrison Hot Springs BC

Discover all about Harrison Hot Springs. What to expect and even some photos from my personal trip.

Cognitive Dissonance and the LOA

Cognitive Dissonance and its role with the Law of Attraction.

Jurassic Forest AB

Visting Jurassic Forest in Alberta, one of my favourite places! I love having a Dino park.

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